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Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, lack of leadership in many ways. it's a very, very bad situation for the united states. >> allowing our own congress to check our cleaners. checkers or chess? >> i'll tell you this, christine, i'm not going to play ken rogoff in chess. he's the grand master. this is the political system. they always put off these tough decisions until the last minute. i'll give you a little point of optimism, that this week, the house and senate -- >> went home? >> not quite, that's next week. they had a hearing on what to do about this tax system that ken and i have written so much about that's such a bottbomination, albatross around their neck, but at least they agreed we have to fix this thing. they said next year we got to do this. you can hold me to this promise. i think 2013 they do something really big on fixing the tax system. they have to do something with the a and t, the tax cliff, all this stuff comes to a point. when will they fix it? when they're right up against the abyss. >> i think if there is areally undivisive election vote, the democrats win across the board. i'm just not so sure wh
Sep 1, 2012 10:00am PDT
. we've never had less revenue coming into the united states since the korean war. wake up. 15.2% of gdp is the revenue. it's historically been about 19 or 20. so you can't tax your way out of this baby. you can't cut spending your way out of this baby and you can't dream your way out of this baby. you got to get in and do all the heavy lifting. and they won't do it. they being everyone running for public office before november 6. between november 6 and december 31st will be a whirl pool of $5 to $7 trillion bucks floating around f you go too far, you throw it into recession. if you go too little, you throw it into recession. merry christmas. it's going to be a lot of fun from now until december 31st. >> a pleasure to hear your straight talk, as always. thanks for joining me. >> sounds like a horse whisperer. >> fix the debt is the website. go to it if you want more information on the simpson/bowles plan or if you would like to sign senator simpson's petition calling on congress to pass a comprehensive long-term plan by july 4th, 2013. while you're online, visit cnn's america's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)